Theodora A. Randolph Field Hunter Championship


Hunter Championship Finals will be held on Saturday morning, October 14, 2017, at Glenwood Park. Prize money will be awarded, and trophies are also awarded to the Reserve Champion, as well as Best Turned Out, Most Suitable Pair and for the highest level of Sportsmanship.

Founded in 1989, this event brings together fox hunting enthusiasts from all across the U.S. and Canada to participate in the week long trial. Mounted judges ride alongside the numbered contestants as they hunt with four area Fox Hunts. At the end of each day's hunting, the judges announce the horse and rider combinations selected to compete in the finals held Saturday at Glenwood Park. The finals are held prior to the start of the first race.

The Saturday morning finals of the Field Hunter Championship give racing spectators an unique opportunity to watch high-level field hunter and rider combinations dressed in proper hunting attire in a performance test. Competitors participate in a mock hunt, and finalists are then asked individually to negotiate a handy hunter course in the center of the race course,  for the championship title. They might be asked to dismount and re-mount from a log, unlatch a gate and close it from horseback, or trot over a fallen tree. The judges ask the riders to show each horse's different hunting skills, and after these individual tasks are completed, the championship is decided.

The Field Hunter Championship competition offers: 4 days of hunting privileges to the same horse and rider combination; eligibility for awards given out throughout the week; General Admission tickets to the Virginia Fall Races and complimentary listing in the race program.  Events include private receptions and an event at the National Sporting Library and Museum.

The event is judged according to the manners, style and suitability of foxhunting mounts. Awards are also offered for Best Turned Out each day. Judges have been drawn from foxhunts on the East Coast.

Participation is open to foxhunters of all ages; however, entry is limited to the first 60 registrants.  The entry fee is $250 per horse. Entries close September 23, 2017. Entry forms are available at